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Common faults and inspection of forklift mast

Mar, 2022

1. The oil return pipe of lifting cylinder leaks seriously and drops automatically

The main reason is that the oil seal between the lifting cylinder and the piston rod is damaged. The solution is mainly to replace the corresponding oil seal, but in the process of implementation, it should be noted that the staff often do not work according to the methods and skills. Therefore, it is necessary to formulate the corresponding fixed ring of open mouth hard iron sheet, cover the oil seal, clamp it with pliers and send it to the cylinder barrel, so as to prevent waste. The manufactured open mouth sheet can be used for many times and save resources.

2. The lifting of left and right lifting piston rods is not synchronous

The problem is the expansion of the nylon guide sleeve between the two. The solution is to effectively integrate the nylon guide sleeve in the implementation process, cut the nylon guide sleeve by 3mm according to the hacksaw, promote it to have a certain opening gap, ensure its expansion value, and avoid problems in the application process.

3. No lifting and direction

The factors that cause this problem are the imperfection of hydraulic oil, including pollutants and the rupture of hydraulic oil filter screen. To solve the problems of the first two of the main schemes in this form, new hydraulic oil can be replaced in time. For the latter problem, you can replace the effective filter screen in time. These solutions mainly show the fundamental solution of the problem. More importantly, this problem occurs in the process of actual development, which shows that there is blockage in the hydraulic system. It can not fundamentally solve the problem only by replacing the new hydraulic oil. It is necessary to clean the multi-way directional valve more, so as to fundamentally solve the problem.

4 the steering wheel is not flexible when turning the steering wheel

The reason for this problem is that the positioning reed of the steering gear is broken and the steering cylinder leaks. The solution is to turn the direction in place. If you feel the direction is too light, you can make it clear that there is a problem with the positioning reed and replace it. If you feel that there is a certain force when rotating the steering wheel, but the steering wheel is very inflexible, and you can rotate 360 degrees to the left or right, that is to say, there is a problem with the oil seal on the piston in the steering cylinder, resulting in internal leakage, you need to replace the oil seal.

5. The lifting cylinder piston rod shakes during lifting

If the problem occurs, it should be judged that the hydraulic oil in the oil tank is imperfect, resulting in the problem of hydraulic pump pressure. After that, it needs to be clear that there is air from the hydraulic pipeline to the piston section of the cylinder. The main solution to the problem is to increase the hydraulic oil. If it still cannot work normally, it is necessary to loosen the oil return pipe of the lifting cylinder, lift the cylinder to the top and then fall to the bottom. Repeat the operation to discharge the air in the hydraulic pipeline, so as to effectively solve the problem.
6. The lifting cylinder slides too fast during shovel dropping

The main problem is that the spring in the speed limiting valve of the lifting cylinder is broken. The solution to the problem is to replace the spring in the speed limiting valve or replace the speed limiting valve.

7 the piston rod of the tilt cylinder extends automatically

The problem is that the piston sealing ring is not sealed or has been worn out. The solution to the problem is to replace the piston of the tilt cylinder and the sealing ring and dust ring on the guide sleeve. After that, the piston of the tilt cylinder can automatically shake and oil leakage outside the guide sleeve can be solved.

8. You will feel the direction is too heavy in the process of turning the direction in place

The main problem is that the diverter valve core is stuck or the pressure is imperfect. The solution to the problem is to adjust the pressure in the management direction of the diverter valve first. If the obvious effect is to disassemble the diverter valve, effectively polish the valve core according to the water sandpaper, and then coat the valve core with certain hydraulic oil for smooth adjustment in the valve body. If there is no valve card, the installation can be carried out, so as to effectively solve the problem.

9 no lifting and no direction

There are the following four factors in the problem: first, the hydraulic oil is imperfect; Second, the oil inlet pipe of the hydraulic pump enters the air; Third, the pressure of the hydraulic pump is not perfect; Fourth, there is blockage in the diverter valve. The solution to the problem is that in the first case, there are certain bubbles in the hydraulic oil in the oil tank, which is mainly due to the entry of air in the oil inlet hose of the hydraulic pump. This problem can be solved by tightening or replacing the oil hose according to the tool. If the above problems do not appear, it can be clear that the public ownership of the hydraulic pump is imperfect or there is a problem with the diverter valve.

10. There is drag in the braking process of common forklift

This problem is mainly manifested in that after lifting the brake pedal, all or individual gear brakes cannot be released in time, which affects the re implementation of the forklift. The solution to this problem is to brake all kinds of wheels by hand after the Industrial Forklift Truck has worked for a certain time. If all wheel brakes are heated, it indicates that the fault is in the brake master cylinder. If individual wheels are heated, it indicates that the problem is in the wheel brake. The solution to the problem is to detect the free movement of the pedal if the half section problem occurs in the master cylinder. If the free exercise does not meet the demand, it needs to be integrated according to the regulations; If the free exercise meets the demand, the oil chamber cover of the brake master cylinder can be opened to study the overall oil return condition. If it is unable or too slow, it needs to be replaced.

11 conclusion

To sum up, in the process of the continuous development of forklift, we have a deeper understanding and understanding of the inspection of forklift through a long time of study and work. The solutions to these faults can not only effectively solve the problems existing in the forklift operation process, but also regularly maintain the forklift, regularly detect the application status of its hydraulic oil, and replace it in time, so as to improve the service life of hydraulic components.

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